Test stripes for perfume
(paper perfume testers)

Narrow paper strip on which perfume is applied to test the scent — with its help that the client can familiarize himself with, and also make a decision for himself whether they like smell or not. Therefore, in all stores where perfumery is sold, a paper perfume tester is a must.

Custom printing of test stripes for perfume

It is not difficult to order perfume testers, but it is worth remembering that product quality plays an important role here, because not all paper strips are suitable for testing perfumes.

  1. Paper for test stripes should be of the highest quality and free from foreign odors. Otherwise, the scent of perfume may be killed, or even completely spoiled, which will lead to a decrease in sales.
  2. The texture of the paper should be slightly porous, which will allow the scent to last much longer on the tester. After all, not all buyers immediately buy perfume. Some people need time to think, especially those who value the persistence of the smell.
  3. Printing perfume testers with a logo will increase brand awareness, as well as create the first impression of the company, so it is important to make them not only beautiful, but also of high quality.

Perfume testers should not be made from cheap materials, as this can damage not only the scent, but the brand’s reputation as a whole.

If you are offered to print on coated cardboard, laminated or designer paper, you better refuse, because their components can affect the aroma of the product.

You can order high quality fragrance blotters at PrintGroup. We print perfume testers at the best prices and with a circulation of 100 pcs.

We make perfume testers from high quality porous paper, which is 100% wood pulp.

Paper perfume testers with the company’s logo are hot-stamped, so you don’t have to worry about the smell of paint. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of our products.

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