Lamination of printing products

Lamination is a method of applying a special film that protects documents from mechanical damage and wear. Laminating services help improve the appearance and also extend the life of business cards, restaurant menus, documents, promotional materials and other printed products.

Types of lamination

Lamination is one of the finishing processes in post-printing. Its principle is to apply a lamination film over the finished printed product. This process is carried out using special devices – laminators. And depending on the type of printing products, its expected service life, lamination is divided into two types: hot and cold.

Hot lamination is done using the rollers of the laminator heated to a certain temperature, which heat the glue and press the laminating film to the product under pressure. The degree of heating is regulated depending on the characteristics of the material used.

Cold lamination is carried out using a high pressure press with the shafts of the laminator. And it can be both one-sided and two-sided.

Moreover, you can also choose the type of lamination. 2 types of lamination are available in PrintGroup printing house:

Matt lamination

It mutes colors, removes glare, and also reduces contrast. Matt lamination gives the finished product a special charm and solid appearance.

Glossy lamination

Adds saturation and brightness to the finished product. Mainly, glossy lamination is used when laminating restaurant menus, calendars, posters, postcards, etc.

Film thickness for lamination

The thickness of the lamination film also plays an important role. It can range from 25 to 250 microns. For example, for restaurant menus, the most suitable option is 25 microns, for business cards it is better to choose a film with a thickness of 75 microns, and for lamination of passes, driver’s licenses, passports and other important documents, the optimal thickness will be 150-250 microns.

Lamination of documents and printing products in Riga

Lamination services are very popular to this day. In our printing house in Riga PrintGroup we provide the highest quality of both large-format lamination and standard lamination. You can additionally order lamination of booklets, magazines, catalogs, flyers and other printing products at any time.

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