Die cutting of printed products

Die-cutting in printing, which helps to cut complex-shaped products from ordinary cardboard or paper sheets. For example, die cutting can be used for POS materials, postcards, labels, packaging design and more. This process will make your printed materials look more elegant, beautiful and stand out from other products.

Die cutting types

Rotary. This type of die cutting is used for shaping large printed items. It can be used for both thin paper and rigid board.

Flat. Recommended for use when printing short runs.

Laser. This carving is slightly more expensive than other types. It quickly and efficiently trims printed products and is suitable for printing on any print run.

The difference between die cutting and cutting

For many customers, die cutting and cutting are the same technology, but in reality they are not. Die cutting differs from cutting in that it carves the shape of the product, and cutting cuts through it. For example, if you take a beautiful curly invitation with holes made in it, then die-cutting was used to create the outline of this invitation, but cutting was used for the holes. Find out more about cutting here.

Order die cutting of printed products

In our full-cycle printing house, we provide die cutting service along with printing materials, as well as a separate type of work. If you want to give a beautiful shape to already printed products, then we can easily help you with this. You can order a calculation of the cost of cutting from our managers by phone, or fill out the online form and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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