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Business cards are not just cards with specified contacts. It is the most important and effective tool for networking and increasing customer loyalty. Business card printing is the most essential service for any business. No matter what size your company is, business cards are useful for large international firms as well as small local stores, offices, and other businesses. Each employee must have his own business card, which will represent not only him as a specialist, but also show the face of the company. Since, for example, during a business meeting, an important conference, at forums and summits, you will need to exchange contact information, you are unlikely to be taken seriously if you start looking for a pen and write your contacts on a piece of paper or napkin.

Therefore, ordering the printing of business cards is practically the very first thing that every entrepreneur should do.

Business cards production in Riga

The business card emphasizes your style, and also thanks to the thoughtful design it can immediately reflect the line of business of your company. Depending on your needs, you can order a business card, both personal and corporate. The printing house in Riga PrintGroup guarantees you high-quality products, as well as prompt printing. Many companies trust us because we work only on modern equipment and offer the best prices for printing.

All business cards are printed and packaged in convenient cardboard storage boxes.

Order business card printing

Classic business cards

Material: coated paper from 350 g/m2

Size: 85×55 mm

Coating: matte

Circulation: from 50 pcs.

Magnetic business cards

Material: coated paper with a density of 170 g/m2 + magnetic vinyl with a thickness of 0.4 mm

Size: 85×55 mm

Coating: matte

Circulation: from 50 pcs.

Plastic business cards

Material: plastic 310 g/m2

Size: 85×55 mm

Coating: matte

Circulation: from 50 pcs.

Exclusive business cards

Material: designer colored paper 300g / m2

Size: 85×55 mm

Coating: matte

Circulation: from 50 pc.

Recommendations on how to design business cards

Often, the design of business cards is trusted by a designer, since these cards can fall into the hands of very influential people, therefore, in order to look prestigious and respectable, we advise you to order design services in our printing industry.

It is also important to determine the printing method. It can be digital, offset, or silk-screened. Silk-screen printing is used to make premium business cards. It allows you to incredibly accurately reproduce the color palette, and unlike other types of printing – by choosing a silk stencil, you can print business cards on any design paper, up to dark colors.

Often the density of paper for standard business cards is 300-350 g / m2, and the printing can be either one-sided or two-sided. The advantage of the one-sided option is that on the backside a person can leave some notes about you or your proposal. On double-sided business cards, you can, on the one hand, provide contact information in the language of the country, and on the other hand, choose a universal spelling, for example, in English, or place the company logo.

You can also use decorative items such as foil stamping or fragmented varnish.

* Cost of basic service, does not include layout development and consultation

Business cards 50*90mm,
4+0 color printing on one side,
paper 350 g/m2
Circulation, pcs Price for 1 piece without VAT The cost without VAT*
100 0,10 from 10
500 0,0784 from 39,21
1000 0,0478 from 47,84
2000 0,0316 from 63,15
5000 0,0210 from 105,05
Business cards 50*90mm,
4+4 color printing on both sides,
paper 350 g/m2
Circulation, pcs Price for 1 piece without VAT The cost without VAT*
100 0,142 from 14,20
500 0,1109 from 55,47
1000 0,0649 from 64,90
2000 0,0409 from 81,80
5000 0,0257 from 128,51
Technical requirements for the layout
from 300 dpi to 600 dpi
Layout size
The actual size + margins "through" 3 mm on each side. There should be no non-printable objects (marks, comments or cutting lines) in the working area
Color model
CMYK (CoatedFOGRA39)
The sum of all paints (TIL)
Not more than 300%
Type size
not less than 7pt
After saving, and especially exporting, check the files for compliance with the technical requirements. The layout should not contain white borders or black borders.
Professional designer check
Design development
12 EUR/h + VAT
Lamination cover
от 15 EUR + VAT
Fragmentary varnish elements
from 3 EUR + VAT
Metallized foil
from 5 EUR + VAT
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