Cutting in printing

To make your printing products different from others have a more presentable look, and interest others, many tricks are used. And one of these methods is cutting.

What is cutting in the printing industry?

Punching, also known as die-cutting, is a form of post-printing processing of printed products in order to give them the desired shape. In other words, with the help of it, you can make, for example, a curly postcard with cut-out patterns, hangers, branded folders for papers, boxes, invitation cards, and much more.

Shaped cutting: process

Shaping and slotting are performed on special crucible or punching presses using a punching die or die-cutting, which are made individually for each order.

Punching dies are the most expensive part to manufacture. It is their creation that attracts the lion’s share of the cost, therefore, it will be most profitable to order printed products with figured die-cutting in large quantities. The stamps look like a flat plywood base on which sharp knives are fixed, which repeat the contour of the product. They can be positioned for images of any level of complexity: from simple shapes to abstract shapes.

For which products can cutting be used

Cutting, at a minimum, allows you to cut printed products to the required format, removing all unnecessary. However, there are much more interesting ways to use it, because it can be applied to almost every product:

  • Design of postcards, gift cards, invitations to events, etc .;
  • Cutting out labels and stickers;
  • Folders for papers, envelopes, business cards production;
  • Photo album production;
  • Curly packaging creation;
  • Covers, books, magazines, or brochures design;
  • Children’s books printing;
  • Cutting out pages for notebooks or notebooks;

and much more.

If you want beautiful curly products, then you can always contact the PrintGroup printing house, where our managers will advise you and provide all the necessary information.

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