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It can be very difficult to fit all the information in your head and remember every little thing, so paper for notes, as well as stickers for notes, is an indispensable thing for everyone who has a wide list of tasks. In order not to forget important information, as well as to complete the assigned task in a timely manner, it is always better to have a small reminder in front of your eyes in the form of a paper sheet that can be attached to any surface. You can order sticky note blocks, as well as regular note paper that can be pinned to the board or placed in front of you.

Stickers for notes: production in Riga

Office stickers are paper sheets with a sticky, self-adhesive edge. Therefore, their main feature is that you can glue a piece of paper for notes to the monitor, on the refrigerator, wall, board or any other place where the eye lingers. A stationery sticker glued in the right place will serve as an excellent assistant in reminding important matters, dates or passwords. And printing paper stickers with your company logo is another great tool for building brand awareness and loyalty.

Order paper for notes

Note paper

Number of sheets per block: individually

Size: individually

Color: customized

Circulation: individually

Quality sticker and note paper printing

Notes are not only convenient and practical products, but also very inexpensive. When ordering the production of paper stickers with or without a logo in the PrintGroup printing house, you can be sure of the quality of printing.

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