Press wall and Brand wall.
Exhibition Stand Printing

If you conduct promotions, presentations, trainings, participate in exhibitions, forums and other events where you need to present your brand, then you need to order the printing of new generation banners, namely the press wall or brand wall.

Press wall (brand wall) is a collapsible mobile structure on which a large-format image (banner) is attached. The frame of the structure, as a rule, is made of chrome-plated metal pipes, which are easy to transport, install and dismantle. In order to assemble a brand wall, you do not need any technical knowledge, and it will take no more than 5 minutes in time.

What is press wall for?

Press walls are used as a background, which creates a special atmosphere and serves as a great place to take photos. Therefore, such stands are often ordered not only for exhibitions and presentations, but also for parties, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events and other holidays. You can place logos, the name of the event, creative drawings, slogans, dates, etc. on them. Many marketers have long appreciated the effectiveness of press walls, because they always attract attention and will definitely not go unnoticed. Therefore, if you want to dilute the atmosphere, create a beautiful photo zone, increase brand awareness, and also celebrate an important event, then printing press walls to order will be an excellent solution.

Order brand walls (press walls) printing and production

Banner for Press wall

Size: 1.5 x 2 m

Material: PVC, PVC Blockout (does not transmit light)

Coating: matte

Complete set: without structure / with structure


Press wall printing in Riga

The PrintGroup printing house (PrintGroup) carries out high-quality printing of large-format products at low prices. We will print any product to order in various formats, even if you need urgent printing. You can order a press wall on our website ( using the online form, or call +371 20424631. Our managers will contact you and advise you on all your questions, as well as suggest how to properly prepare layout.

We also provide full-cycle services: from design creation, product printing to product delivery to the required place, so that you do not worry about all these processes and free up time for more important tasks.

Press wall: types

There are several types of press wall, and they differ in type of construction, size and materials.

The brand walls are divided into:

Lungs. These banners are perfect for small events. They are easy to assemble, and their length starts from 1 meter.

Mobile. These designs are packed in a case and are easy to transport. They can be assembled without much effort, and the assembly time will take no more than 5 minutes.

Weighted. This is the most stable and expensive type of brand wall. They are made from large metal pipes and are used mainly for large-scale events and social parties.

Types of structures

Tritix. Can be used both outdoors and indoors. This design is easy to transport, install and dismantle.

Joker. For indoor use only. Consists of one pipe, the canvas is pulled from above.

Brand wall benefits

  • easy installation and dismantling;
  • can be transported anywhere;
  • no special wizard required for installation;
  • attractive design;
  • an ideal tool to increase awareness;
  • excellent background composition that serves as a photo zone.
Technical requirements for the layout
from 300 dpi to 600 dpi
Layout size
The actual size + margins "through" 3 mm on each side. There should be no non-printable objects (marks, comments or cutting lines) in the working area
Color model
CMYK (CoatedFOGRA39)
The sum of all paints (TIL)
Not more than 300%
Font size
not less than 7pt
After saving, and especially exporting, check the files for compliance with the technical requirements. The layout should not contain white borders or black borders.
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