Price tags production

Printing price tags for a store is a must-have task that you need to do regularly, not missing out on little things. Price tags, in addition to their main function of informing consumers about price, are also the main sales tool at the point of sale. For a buyer to choose a certain product and make a purchase, it is necessary that he immediately sees the price of the product, otherwise he will simply turn around and leave, which is not the best scenario. To prevent this from happening, it is important to make the price tag correctly so that it is readable, convenient, understandable and at the same time compact and concise.

Printing price tags on goods: features

It is important that each unit of the product has its own price tag, which will be located directly below it. Label shapes can be varied, but as a rule, it is best to make them in the form of a rectangle and in the same style. They should include the following information:

  • company name;
  • product name ;
  • origin country;
  • weight, quantity;
  • price;
  • date;
  • barcode.

Price tag design

A price tag template should be versatile and discreet. When developing a design, it is important to consider how information will be perceived, which font is best suited and what size the price tag should be. Simple and straightforward forms are much more advantageous than beautiful but more intricate alternatives.

To highlight the promotional offer, we recommend using color printing of price tags. By contrasting with others, a shopper is more likely to notice a discounted product and buy it.

Usually for printing price tags used coated paper. In our printing house you can also order price tags in Riga made of cardboard, ordinary office paper or other material.

Entrusting the design development to our specialists, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality products at a pleasant cost.

Technical requirements for the layout
from 300 dpi to 600 dpi
Layout size
The actual size + margins "through" 3 mm on each side. There should be no non-printable objects (marks, comments or cutting lines) in the working area
Color model
CMYK (CoatedFOGRA39)
The sum of all paints (TIL)
Not more than 300%
Font size
not less than 7pt
After saving, and especially exporting, check the files for compliance with the technical requirements. The layout should not contain white borders or black borders.
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