Stickers on walls, glass and transport

Probably no store or company can do without ordering sticker printing. This service is especially popular, as it allows you to attract and draw the consumer’s attention to special offers (discount stickers on store windows) or to indicate a specific brand (branding of cars).

Stickers are very versatile and can be used in a variety of places: public transport, pharmacies, shops, banks, cars, etc. Most often, this type of large-format printing products is glued to glass, but can also be attached to other smooth surfaces.

Printing of customized stickers in Riga

We can make stickers individually according to your sizes and requirements. Among the most popular types of stickers on shop windows it is necessary to outline:

  • Applications on a self-adhesive film

These are various letters, numbers, patterns cut out of a color or metallized film. You can order the printing of such products in one or two layers to better highlight the inscription. In addition, such stickers on shop windows can be printed with any effect (reflective, holographic, etc.).

  • Full color printing on film

It is used for continuous pasting of glass or walls. There is already a much larger field for imagination, where you can apply more complex special effects and make large creative drawings. And for protection of such drawings on a film we recommend to apply lamination that will protect them from various weather conditions, mechanical damages and will save their appearance for a long time.

  • Printing on perforated film

These products are often used when you need to glue the film on the glass, where you want to maintain visibility. For example, on public transport or on the windows of cafes. A large number of small holes in the picture let light in, while maintaining the plot of the image without losing readability and presentation of the picture as a whole. And at the same time, even from a short distance, the print on the film looks beautiful and complete.

How to use printing on self-adhesive film

Glass films help you reach and attract more audiences, in addition, they can perfectly complement the interior and give a special atmosphere. The design of shop windows and branding of facades or windows in many factors depends on the goals you set for yourself. Film printing is mainly used for the following cases:

Seasonal decoration

Choosing to print stickers on self-adhesive film, you can “set the mood” for customers and attract them to you, using an interesting design. Many shops or cafes want to order Christmas stickers for shop windows, as well as for Black Friday, Valentine’s Day or Halloween.

Element of decor in the interior

Stickers on the walls in the nursery are very popular to please the child with the image of his favorite character. But in addition, these products are also used to decorate living rooms or offices.

Advertising and notifications

It is relevant at points of sale, where you need to inform potential buyers about new products, seasonal offers or discounts. Therefore, transparent films are glued directly to shop windows or cafes, and then they are easily dismantled.

Transport branding

Stickers on cars most often contain a logo, slogan or other elements of the company’s corporate style, so that a person can immediately identify whose vehicle it is. In addition, if you still have a small business, car stickers will help increase the awareness of your brand or promote new products, arousing interest not only among pedestrians, but also other drivers. Car stickers are also a mandatory attribute for taxi services and official representatives, for example, service centers.

Technical requirements for the layout
from 300 dpi to 600 dpi
Layout size
The actual size + margins "through" 3 mm on each side. There should be no non-printable objects (marks, comments or cutting lines) in the working area
Color model
CMYK (CoatedFOGRA39)
The sum of all paints (TIL)
Not more than 300%
Type size
not less than 7pt
After saving, and especially exporting, check the files for compliance with the technical requirements. The layout should not contain white borders or black borders.
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