Paper cups

For some people, takeout coffee is not just a necessity, but a whole tradition, of which paper cups are an integral part. When going to work in the morning, walking in the park or returning home, almost everyone takes coffee with them. And if your establishment does not have disposable cups, then this is a reason to order them, because this way you lose not only profit, but also the opportunity to advertise your coffee shop, cafe or bar.

Coffee paper cups with logo

Paper cups are environmentally friendly, so they do not harm the environment, but this is just one of the advantages. But the main trump card is that on such products you can print any design or place the logo of your company. Thanks to this option, many coffee houses have gained unprecedented popularity (which is only worth remembering the legendary Starbucks glasses, which only the lazy did not take pictures or upload to the network). Ordering paper cups with a restaurant logo is a profitable investment not only in increasing profits, but also in increasing your brand awareness. Thus, it turns out that disposable cups, in addition to the need, also become a marketing tool.

Making paper cups custom wholesale

Paper cup without pattern

Volume:110 to 500 ml

Thickness:single / double layer (optional)

Paper cup with pattern

Volume:110 to 500 ml

Thickness:single / double layer (optional)

Corrugated paper cup

Volume:110 to 500 ml

Thickness:single / double layer (optional)

Buy disposable coffee paper cups

At PrintGroup we make cups only from high quality raw materials that can withstand any temperature, so they can be sure that they will not leak or break. You can also order the printing of cups with one-sided or double-sided laminated coating for high product durability.

If you want to develop an individual design of coffee paper cups, then our specialists will be happy to help you with this, so that the products look aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

We also recommend that you pay attention to corrugated cups (Ripple cups), because they have a number of advantages:


  • do not deform under the influence of high temperatures;
  • have high strength;
  • keep warm longer;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • eco-friendly.
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