Polygraphic design

Design development for business cards and other printed products is an opportunity not only to emphasize your corporate identity, but also to make it memorable. Whatever product you order, be it booklets, flyers or window stickers, print design is a key moment in the production process, on which the success of the product depends. Will it attract with its appearance, is the information located on it correctly, how readable and understandable is the text? A bad design can nullify your efforts and your entire budget will be wasted. To prevent this from happening seek help from professionals, because it is better to do it right away with high quality, and then not overpay for rework.

Advertising printing design in Riga

In our full-cycle printing industry PrintGroup, we offer you a design development service of printed products at the best prices. You can order a printing design for all products that are presented on our website, and these are:

  • business cards;
  • leaflets;
  • booklets;
  • menus for restaurants and cafes;
  • calendars;
  • folders;
  • packages;
  • posters;
  • forms;
  • directories;
  • books;
  • wide-format banners and signs;

and much more.

But before we select the right designer for you, we want to give you some tips that will help you speed up the process and also save you money.

  • Prepare all materials in advance. If you already have a photo of your products, logos in the .ai, .esp, .cdr formats, the desired pictures put them all together in advance so that you do not waste time on this later.
  • Submit your brand book. To avoid additional edits, attach a file with a brand book to the brief, and the designer will take into account all the requirements for the corporate style when designing the layout. If there is no brand book, then try to describe as accurate information as possible on how to use your company’s attributes.
  • Take care of the text. For a quick design of the product, send also the finished version of the text, since, unfortunately, there are no copywriters in our printing house.
  • Determine the style. You can immediately specify in what style you want to get the layout: strict corporate, entertainment, advertising or futuristic. You can also specify the format (vertical-horizontal) and the size of the product.

If you already know exactly which layout you want, then you can immediately send ready-made samples so that the designer can quickly navigate and take into account all your wishes.

You can download the brief to fill in all the necessary information here.

Design development stages

If you want to order the layout creation for a business card or other product, then you will need to go through several stages of development, namely:

  • General concept creation and analysis of perception;
  • Style selection, colors, illustrations and fonts;
  • Placing information and creating a complete composition;
  • Layout preparation for printing according to technical requirements.

These are 4 main stages that no design project can do without. In addition, it will also be necessary to agree on the time of work and the cost of printing design services.

Design development prices

* Cost of basic service, does not include consultation

Products EUR, without VAT
Balcony banner 23
Banner for the "Press wall" photo zone 27
Banner grid 23
Banner inscription 8
Banner sign 23
Banner stretch 23
Bar card A3, EUR / 1 page 25
Bar card A4, EUR / 1 page 20
Blotters 20
Booklet A4 80
Booklet A5 80
Booklet A6 80
Booklet A7 53
Bookmarks 20
Bottle Stickers 20
Business cards 15
Business cards on transparent plastic 20
Calendar-poster A0 60
Calendar-poster A1 55
Calendar-poster A2 50
Calendar-poster A3 35
Calendar-poster A4 30
Canvas Printing 33
Cardboard euro tags 180x50 mm 23
Cardboard folders A4 33
Catalog A4, EUR / page 8
Catalog A5, EUR / page 6
Catalog A6, EUR / page 5
Certificates A4 40
Certificates A5 40
Classic banner 20
Cocktail menu A3, EUR / 1 page 30
Cocktail menu A4, EUR / 1 page: 30
Color advertisement A4 33
Color advertisement A5 33
Coupons 20
Cubars 20
Curly labels 33
Curly stickers 20
D45 round tags 20
Design postcard (105*100) 30
Design postcard (105*148) 30
Design postcard (210*100) 30
Die-cut cardboard tag (30x50) 20
Die-cut cardboard tag (45x50) 20
Die-cut cardboard tag (50x90) 20
Digital printing labels 33
Digital printing stickers 20
Digital Wrapping Paper 33
Double business card 30
Double Euro postcard 30
Double invitation 30
Embossed plastic cards 23
Envelopes C4 20
Envelopes C5 20
Envelopes C6 20
Envelopes E65 20
Euro business card 23
Euro flyer 35
Eurobooklet 80
Eurobooklet with 3 folds 80
Eurobooklet with 4 folds 80
Eurocard 33
Eurocatalog, eur / page: 10
Euroflyer 33
Fillet labels 33
Flyer A7 23
Flyer A8 23
Flyer Plus 23
Form A4 23
Form A5 23
Form A6 23
Front banner from 10m2 to 50m2 50
Front banner from 50 m2 75
Glossy adhesive labels 33
Hengers 33
Holiday banners 40
Hookah menu A3, EUR / 1 page: 20
Hookah menu A4, EUR / 1 page: 15
House calendar with flip-flops 80
House calendar without flip-flops 40
Large format labels 33
Large format stickers 20
Leaflet A3 35
Leaflet A4 30
Leaflet A5 30
Leaflet A6 25
Leaflet A7 25
Leaflet A8 25
Leaflet Mini 28
Lesson schedule (A3) 55
Lesson schedule (A4) 45
Letterhead 20
Logo - new development 80
Logo - rendering, restoration of the old one 55
Matte plastic cards with embossed symbols 23
Menu A4 / Wine list, EUR / 1 page 35
Menu for restaurants A3, EUR / 1 page: 40
Menu for restaurants A4, EUR / 1 page: 35
Minibooklet 40
Mini-business card 15
Miniflyer 20
Newspaper A3 (4 pages) 80
Newspaper A4 (4 pages) 75
Newspaper A4 (8 pages) 80
Notepad A4 spring on the long side 27
Notepad A4 spring on the short side 27
Notepad A5 spring on the long side 23
Notepad A5 spring on the short side 23
Notepad A6 spring on the long side 20
Notepad A6 spring on the short side 20
Offset menu. Sets 35
Offset printing stickers 20
Oracal self-adhesive film 35
Outdoor and indoor signs 20
Packages 20x30 cm 35
Packages 24x40 cm 33
Packages 30x40 cm 40
Packages 30x50 cm 33
Packages 37x60 cm 33
Packages 40x50cm 40
Packages 40x50x3 cm 33
Parking cards 25
Personalized business cards 17
Photo collage on the poster 53
Photo collage on the wall 80
Photo on canvas 33
Photo paper 33
Photo posters 60
Plastic cards with selective varnish 23
Plastic gift certificates 40
Plastic season tickets 15
Plastic signage 33
Plastic signs 33
Pocket calendar 20
Poster A0 30
Poster A1 28
Poster A2 25
Poster A3 23
Poster A4 20
Poster B2 27
Premium banner 35
Price list "Wobbler" 100x90 mm 33
Price list "Wobbler" 150x90 mm 33
Price list "Wobbler" 200x150 mm 33
Price list "Wobbler" 200x90 mm 33
Price list "Wobbler" 50x90 mm 33
Price tag 100x90 mm 33
Price tag 30x50 mm 33
Price tag 45x50 mm 33
Price tag 50x90 mm 33
Price tag 70x40 mm 33
Price tag 90x50 mm 33
Price tag euro 180x50mm: 33
Printing on a plastic card (regular) 20
Printing photo pictures on plastic 27
Quadro business card 15
Quarterly calendar for 1 spring 40
Quarterly calendar for 3 springs 45
Round business cards d45mm 20
Round cut labels on the sheet 33
Round cut stickers on the sheet 20
Round die-cut stickers 20
Round nibbling labels 33
Season tickets 100*70 mm 15
Season tickets 50*90 mm 15
Season tickets 50*90 mm with llamas 15
Self-adhesive price tag 33
Set A3 (for menu) 45
Set A4 (for the menu) 40
Set A5 (for menu) 35
Shelftoker 33
Table tent / seasonal menu 53
Ticket (tear-off) 23
Wall desk calendar 55
Wall Menu 40
Wine list. Menu A3, EUR / 1 page 20
Wobbler 150x90 mm 20
Wobbler 200x150 mm 20
Wobbler 200x90 mm 20
Wobbler rectangular 100x90 mm 20
Wobbler rectangular 50x90 mm 20
Wrapping paper (sheet) A2 40
Wrapping paper (sheet) A4 27
Wrapping paper (sheet) A5 27
X-banner printing 27
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