Shelf talkers printing

Surely you have repeatedly noticed small advertising media on a flexible plastic leg on shop windows – these are shelf talkers. They are mounted on shelves, product racks, counters and near the checkout area to attract the attention of the buyer. Often they post information about promotions, write conditions and advertise goods.

Shelf talkers arouse more interest from potential customers than ordinary printing products. According to statistics, installing a bright and attractive shelf talker increases sales by at least 1.5 times, and also increases the average bill. Therefore, this type of POS material is considered one of the most effective and inexpensive solutions for any business.

Shelf talkers types

Before ordering the shelf talkers printing, you need to choose the type, as well as do its design. Now there are 2 main types of wobblers:

  1. Standard (circle, rectangle, square, etc.)
  2. Curly (in the form of a heart, a gift, etc.)

Also, depending on how dense you need a shelf talker, in our printing house we can print from the following materials:

  • coated paper (250-350 g/m2);
  • cardboard (from 200 to 280 g/m2);
  • plastic.

Shelf talkers production in Riga

Standard shelf talkers

Material: coated paper 250 g/m2, or on request

Size: customized

Coating: matte, glossy, soft touch

Circulation: from 50 pcs.

Shelf talkers with cut along the contour

Material: coated paper 250 g/m2, or on request

Size: customized

Coating: matte, glossy, soft touch

Circulation: from 50 pcs.

Advantages of shelf talkers printing 

Shelf talkers printing is one of the printing services provided by our printing house Printgroup. These products have a low cost, and at the same time play a significant role in increasing the volume of sales of goods and services, as well as in increasing the awareness and popularity of the company / brand.

Among other advantages of shelf talkers it is worth highlighting:

  • creativity these products can be printed in any shape and size using a bright and attractive design;
  • compactness they can be placed anywhere and in any way, up to narrow spaces between shelves and other places with a limited amount of space;
  • ease of installation thanks to the attachment to double-sided tape, printed shelf talkers can be hung on any surface in a matter of seconds;
  • budget the greater the number of ordered shelf talkers for advertising, the lower their price will be (per 1 piece).

Technical requirements for the layout
from 300 dpi to 600 dpi
Layout size
The actual size + margins "through" 3 mm on each side. There should be no non-printable objects (marks, comments or cutting lines) in the working area
Color model
CMYK (CoatedFOGRA39)
The sum of all paints (TIL)
Not more than 300%
Font size
not less than 7pt
After saving, and especially exporting, check the files for compliance with the technical requirements. The layout should not contain white borders or black borders.
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