Splicing of paper bags

Paper bags have recently become an integral part of every business that consciously approaches the consumption of natural resources. In addition, eco-packages look more presentable, so they can be used both for storage and transportation of products, and as gift wrapping.

Splicing paper bags and boxes is an important part of the production, because it will depend on how strong the package will be and what load it will withstand.

Assembling paper bags at PrintGroup

Not all printing houses in Riga provide services of post-printing processing of bags, namely their assembly and gluing together, after all it is rather labor-consuming and time-consuming process.

To get the highest quality products – contact the printing house PrintGroup. We offer a full cycle of creation of a paper product: from development of models, to their splicing. We carry out many stages of creation of paper bags and boxes manually to guarantee you the highest quality of ready-made products without defects. We carry out splicing of bags of any size in unlimited quantity, using non-toxic glue which does not harm neither environment, nor a human body.

You can order assembly of paper bags and their splicing together at the pleasant price at any time on our website. Use a special order form and our manager will contact you shortly.

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